Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival

2017 Schedule




Congratulations to the Selected Films and Filmmakers !


Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival is proud to announce that this year  we have 59 films and two scripts from around  the world.

Congratulations to our Screenplay winners

Short Film Script

Donating in Vein

by Joey Fama

Feature Film Script

The Girl Next Door

by Selene Castrovilla


2017 Festival Winners

CORKY .............. Best Animation

A FANCY PIECE OF HOMICIDE ............  Best Made in PA (Featrue Narrative)

American Satan ................   Best Thriller

One Buck .................  Best Feature Film

Scott Bartolomei Edmonds .................  Best Short Documentary

Last Will & Testament .............. Best Narrative Short

The Parallel Game ................ Best Made in PA  (Documenraty Short)


Friday 6:30pm

Opening Ceremonies

Presentation of “Official Selection” Plaques, And All winning awards will be presented at this time. It is suggested that you attend.

Friday 7:30pm

CORKY  (5:45m, U S A)

Dir. by Ty Primosch



Dir. by Joseph Varhola

Feature Narrative


Reception Filmmakers Mix and Mingle


                                              Saturday June 24. 2017

Saturday 10:00am

The Parallel Game (19:57m U S A)

Dir. by Eric Newland

Documentary Short

Train People (6:00m U S A )

Dir. by Tobi Elkin

Documentary Short

Circus City, USA (30:00m U S A )

Dir. by Adam Wright

Documentary Short

My Name is Joan (29:35m U S A)

Dir. by Margaret Costa

Documentary Short

Saturday 11:30am

The Rope (15m, Italy)

Dir. by Paolo Mannarino

Narrative Short

Flush The John (8:42m U S A)

Dir. by Bianca LeRoux

Narrative Short

Helping Hands (16m, U S A)

Dir. by Mike Jacobson

Narrative Short

Need Change (17m, U S A)

Dir. by Rob Waters

Narrative Short

One Cold Night in Virginia (11m, U S A)

dir. by James Humphrey

Narrative Short

Saturday 12:40pm

Bad Frank (01:45m U S A)

Dir.by Anthony Germinario

Feature Narritive

Saturday 2:25pm

A Promise of Time Travel (01:28m U S A )

Dir. by Craig Jessen

Feature Narritive

Made In PA Part l

                                                The following films were made in PA or by PA Filmmakers, some right here in Pittsburgh

Saturday 4:10pm

A Man Full of Trouble (20m, U S A )

Dir. by Michael Johnston

Narrative Short

Beyond the Backyard (17m, U S A)

Dir. by PJ Magerko

Narrative Short

                                ------------------------------------------End part l Made In Pa------------------------------------------

Saturday 4:50pm


by John Putch Feature Narritive

Saturday 6:15pm

American Satan (111m, U S A)

Dir. by Ash Avildsen Feature Narrative

Saturday 8PM

Price of Atonement (26m, U S A)

Dir. by Wes Ranson

Narrative Short

Saturday  8:30pm

ONE BUCK (89m, U S A)

Dir. by Fabien Dufils

Feature Narrative


                                               Sunday June 25, 2017

Sunday 10:00Am

Conquering the Cycle (67m, U S A)

Dir. by Josh Eisenfeld

Feature Documentary

The Ocularist (14m, U S A)

Dir. by Chelsie Corso

Doucmentary Short

7 Years of Darkness (12m, U S A)

Dir. by Zac Cageao

Doucmentary Short

Sunday 11:35Am

Old Men Singing (22m, U S A)

Dir. by Zachary Weil, Mickey Rapkin

Doucmentary Short

Scott Bartolomei Edmonds ( 6:33m U S A )

Dir. by Nelson Salis

Documentary Short

Rose's Turn (15m, U S A)

Dir. by Kymberly Harris

Narrative Short

The Bunny Hole (3m, U S A)

Dir. by Ken Davenport


Walls (6m, U S A)

Dir. by Min Reid

Music Video

Blood and Water (20m, U S A)

Dir. by Brian Blum

Narrative Short

                                                   Made in Pennslyvania Part 2

The following films were made in PA or by PA filmmakers, some right here in Pittsburgh

Sunday 12:40pm

Teaching Peace ( 15:05m USA)

Dir. by Michael Boulter

Documentary Short

Happy New Year ( 16:00m U S A)

Dir. by Jason Sealy

Narrative Short

Knock Knock (8:19m U S A)

Dir. by Jaime Meyers

Narrative Short

Happy Hour (11:19m U S A )

Dir. by Daymon Long

Narrative Short

Promenade ( 3:58m U S A )

Dir. by Jess Paul

Narrative Short

Sunday 1:40pm

The Race (87m, U S A)

Dir. by Dave Rodkey

Feature Narrative

----------------------------------End of Made in Pennsylvania ------------------------------------------------------------

Sunday 3:10pm

Vena Amoris ( 7:59 U S A )

Dir.by Kartik Garimella

Narrative Short

no name Maddox (25:25 U S A )

Dir. by Glenn Pack

Narrative Short

Are you jealous? (15:10m U S A )

Dir. by Roberto Hevia

Narrative Short

Moonshot (21:38m U S A )

Dir. by Matthew Lucas

Narrative Short

Last Will & Testament, Inc. ( 9:00m U S A )

Dir. by John Venable

Narrative Short

ReWrite (15:04m U S A )

Dir. by Crash Buist

Narrative Short

Sunday  4:45pm

Shy Guys (8:16m U S A )

Dir. by Fredric Lehne

Narrative Short

The Peeper (5:29m U S A)

Dir. by Chris Schwab

Narrative Short

Little Red Truck ( 8:58m U S A )

Dir. by Kate Kelsen

Narrative Short

Broken and Outcast (9:48m U S A)

Dir. by Jak Gavriel

Narrative Short

Borderline (11:11m U S A )

Dir. by Kieran Shea & David Osorio

Narrative Short

Last Scene (11:00m U S A )

Dir. by Andrew Littlefield

Narrative Short

Adherence (20:14m U S A)

Dir. by Mav Block

Narrative Short

Noiré (18:41m Budapest,Hungary)

Dir. by Akos Schneider

Narrative Short

Sunday 6:15pm

Mismatch and Lighter (16:43 Canada )

Dir. by Mark Datuin

Narrative Short

Space Available Original Series (8:25m U S A )

Dir. by Patrick Avella


Wreckage (7m, U S A)

Dir. by Spyder Dobrofsky

Narrative Short

Desperate Manny (25:44m U S A )

Dir. by Matt Bosson

Narrative Short

It Should Feel Like Home (9m, U S A)

Dir. by Mark Janavel

Doucmentary Short

Sunday  7:30pm

Boomerang (10m, U S A)

Dir. by Pavel Suslov

Narrative Short

FIRST DAY (14:10m France)

Dir. by Yohann Charrin

Narrative Short

Nowhere ( 29:59m United Kingdom)

Dir. by Taras Groves

Narrative Short

Bright Moonlit Night (15:06m Israel)

Dir. by Matan Shiram

Narrative Short

One Night Stand (12m, Canada)

Dir. by Wojciech Zielinski

Narrative Short