Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival

2018 Schedule




Congratulations to the Selected Films and Filmmakers !


Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival is proud to announce that this year  we have 64 films and two scripts from around  the world.

Congratulations to our Screenplay winners

Short Film Script

Mariana is a Happy Day

by Andres Pi Andreu

Feature Film Script


by Fielding Thomas


2018 Festival Winners


Deadly Crush            Best Feature Film

Smiley”s                    Best Short Film

Mole Man                  Best Documentary

Mair Mulroney           Best Performance

Not That Strong        Best Music Video

Home Delivery          Best Animation

Body Farm                Best Made in PA



Friday 6:30pm

Opening Ceremonies

Presentation of “Official Selection” Plaques, And All winning awards will be presented at this time. It is suggested that you attend.

Friday 8pm

Home Delivery (5:29 min., U S A)

Dir. by Steven Baltay


Body Farm   (80m, U S A)

Dir. by Brandon Keenan and Nick Lamantia

Feature Narrative

Reception Filmmakers Mix and Mingle



                                              Saturday June 23. 2018

Saturday 10:00am

The Tree Prophet (29m, U S A)

Dir. by Christian Scheider & Tucker Marder

Documentary Short

Seekers (27m, Latvia)

Dir. by Didzis Eglitis

Documentary Short

The Wall's Embrace (34:11m USA)

Dir. by Nancy Frohman

Documentary Short

Saturday 11:30

Your Letter (3m, U S A)

Dir. by Jake Armstrong

Music Video

The Typewriter Repairman (7:00m USA)

Dir. by Thomas Draudt

Documentary Short

Keepers Of The Magic (78m, Canada)

Dir. By Vic Sarin

Feature Documentary

Saturday 1pm

TO & KYO (4m, Japan)

Dir. by Tsuneo Goda


Claire McKenna(16m, U S A)

Dir. by William Price III

Narrative Short

Five: A Narrative Short Film to Explore Vulnerability (6m, U S A)

DIr. by Grace Perry

Narrative Short

The Door (5m, U S A)

Dir. by Lola Rini

Narritive Short

Comfort Food (7m, Canada)

Dir. by David Antoniuk

Narritive Short

Letters from Alcatraz (19:36 m USA

Dir. by Madeline Rozwat

Narritive Short

How You Are to Me (22:15m, U S A )

Dir. by Aemilia Scott

Narrative Short

Made In PA Part 1
The following films were made in PA or by PA Filmmakers, some right here in Pittsburgh

Saturday 2:25pm

Polybius (4:30m, U S A)

Dir. by Brad Pattullo


Dr. Tribune (14m, U S A)

Dir. by Jerry Tomassacci

Narritive Short

The Mackenzie Pine Chronicles (11:30m USA)

Dir. by Mac Pine

Narrative Short

The Territory (9:00m USA)

Dir, by David Kost

Narrative Short

Macabre Manor (11:45m USA)

Dir. by Jaime Meyers


A Taste for Murder (8:02m USA)

Dir. by PJ Roup

in Narrative Short

Grave Snatchers ( 15:11m USA)

Dir. by Abhinav Sinha

Narrative Short

                                ------------------------------------------End part l Made In Pa------------------------------------------

Saturday 3:45pm

Interlude (94m, France)

Dir. by Bernard Tanguy

Feature Narrative

Saturday 5:20pm

Not That Strong (4:51 USA)

Dir. by Gregory JM Kasunich

Music Video

Smiley's (17m, U S A)

Dir. by Mike James

Narrative Short

VOICE (10m, Japan)

Dir, by Takeshi KUSHIDA

Narrative Short

The Lake (14:30 USA)

Dir. by Michael Buie

Narrative Short

Rumination (12:40m USA)

Dir, by Chad Eric Smith

Narrative Short

Suffer (14:30m Canada)

Dir by Filip Terlecki

Narrative Short

Staff Pick (10:25 USA)

Dir. by Cindy Di Xin

Narrative Short

Interview-sorryday (9:30m Republic of Korea)

Dir, by kiwon bae

Narrative Short

Saturday 7pm

Stuck (6:05m USA)

Dir. by Whitney Walters


Chocolate and Cigarettes (15:53m USA)

Dir. by David Tappan

Narrative Short

ALZHAIMOUR (14:36m Belgium)

Dir. by Pierre Van de Kerckhove

Narrative Short

Candy & Ronnie (16:08m USA) 

Dir by Lucy Macedo

in Narrative Short

Unearthed (9:36m USA)

Dir. by Daniel Bergeson

Narrative Short

Saturday 8pm

                                                                Sneek Prewiew

This is a Special Screening this film is not in completion for the Festival.


Dir. by Adam William Ward

Feature Narrative


                                               Sunday June 24, 2017

Sunday 10am

Nothing Changes: Art for Hank's Sake (01:20 m USA)

Dir. by Matthew Kaplowitz

Feature Documentary

Sunday 12pm

Marieke (7m, U S A)

Dir. by Thomas C. Johnson

Doucmentary Short

No Boys Allowed: Freddie Linden's Story (4:32 USA)

Dir. by Ian Reid

Documentary Short

Freddie Can't Dance (2:55 USA)

Dir. by Ian Reid

Documentary Short

Flowers and Roots, James Ragan, An Ambassador of the Arts (56:00m USA)

Dir. by James Ragan

Feature Documentary


Dir. by EJ Argenio

Narrative Short

Made In PA Part 2
The following films were made in PA or by PA Filmmakers, some right here in Pittsburgh

Sunday 1:40pm

Drawings Don't Want to Die (1m, U S A)

Dir. by Renee Piechocki


Steps in Motion: A North Side Animation (5m, U S A)

Dir. by Catherine Drabkin

Documentary Short

415 (11:51m USA)

Dir. by Joshua D. Maley

Narrative Short

Significant Other (9:00m USA)

Dir, by Justin Mackey

Narrative Short

Wendell Grimkie Freeland A Quiet Soldier in the Fight for Civil Rights (40:00 m USA)

Dir. by Billy Jackson

Documentary Short

Sunday 2:50pm

Mole Man (85m, U S A)

Dir. by Guy Fiorita

Feature Documentary

Sunday 4:15pm

Poured in Pennsylvania ( 90m, USA)

Dir. by Nate Kresge

Feature Documentary

..................................... ............   END Made in Pennslyvania Part 2......................................

Sunday 5;54 pm

"Just Like Velvet" (3m, U S A)

Dir. by Matt Ritchey

Music Video

Martini Bombini O'Feeney Moonay (6m, U S A)

Dir. by Gerry Mooney


Broken Dream (7m, U S A)

Dir. by Max Pratts

Narrative Short

The Liberty (22m, U S A)

Dir. by Jill Sachs

Narrative Short

Do No Harm (8m, U S A)

Dir. by Marielle Woods

Narrative Short

Ok, Mum ( 14:24 United Kingdom)

Dir. by Eva Lanska

Narrative Short

Unexpected Company (16m, U S A)

Dir. by Kerry Vaughn Miller

Narrative Short

Sunday 7:15 pm

Deadly Crush (84m, U S A)

Dir. by Dakota Aesquivel

Feature Narrative

Sunday 8:30 pm

WEIRD (2:00m Italy )

Dir. by Fausto Montanari



Dir.by Derek Frey

in Music Video

ONA (13:00m Spain)

Dir, by Vanessa Batista

Narrative Short

BREAKDOWN (9:49m France)

Dir. by Greg Tudela

Narrative Short

Rhapsody in Blueberry (4m, France)

Dir. by Gaelle Denis

New Media Short

Rewriting (19m, India)

Dir. by Eshan Parikh

Narrative Short

Hong Bao (7m, Australia, Canada)

Dir, by Aaron Moss

Narrative Short